Jellycat Toys Good Enough To Eat Posted on 11 Jun 15:30

If you’re looking for a quirky gift  - one that looks good enough to eat! - check out our collection of Jellycat Foods. We have stocked Jellycat for over two decades now, and they never disappoint. Here are a few of our favourite food-themed plushies.

The wonderfully cute Amuseable Clementine has soft orange fur, dangling chord feet, and floppy leaves - she’s a perfect reminder of summer sunshine, no matter the season. Her special skills include being an excellent cuddler, and keeping scurvy at bay!

Whether you are looking for a cheeky present, or you are simply an honest fan of vegetables, Vivacious Aubergine is sure to delight. Just don’t call him an eggplant - he hates that! 

This next friend is very a-PEEL-ing! It’s Fabulous Fruit Banana - his laid-back attitude and soft fur are delightful. A great gift for a kooky friend, so you can let them know you love how bananas they are.

If you’re looking for a gift that says ‘we are two peas in a pod’, take a look at the fabulous Vivacious Pea. He looks so cozy in his pod, and his curly head is quite charming. (This Jellycat pairs wonderfully with the brilliant book Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea!).

This next pair will be the cherry on top of your collection! Fabulous Fruit Cherries share a stalk, a leaf, and two happy smiles. While we don’t recommend eating them, a little squeeze of their soft fuzz would be as sweet as pie.

You can see all our Jellycat food plushies here - or take a look at the full Jellycat range here.