Living Wage Week Posted on 10 Nov 13:28

It's #LivingWageWeek and the Living Wage Foundation have announced the new rates - up to £9.50 an hour.

Paper Tiger was one of the first independent retailers in Scotland to sign up to be a #LivingWage employer. I can't do what I want to do with my business without the help, support and properly remunerated efforts of the Paper Tiger team.

This November I have again committed to raise the salaries of *my whole team* to match the percentage increase. I'm doing that in the middle of a global pandemic because I trust them to help me get my business through this, together.

Some of the businesses that we buy from have also signed up, and it's great to see that commitment spread through our sector of business. I'd encourage any of my suppliers who haven't signed up to take a good look what it can do for their teams and their business.

Some of our High Street competitors are notable for their absence. You can search the database of almost 7000 employers to find businesses that are supporting their staff. See if you can find any other card and stationery shops that start with Paper...

Is your business, or your employer signed up? If they're not, I would be happy to talk to them and tell them why they should become a #RealLivingWage employer.