Lockdown II - The Sequel Posted on 27 Dec 11:25

Here we are again, another lockdown.

Paper Tiger is deemed to be a “non-essential” business, and we have closed our stores. We trade online, and we would dearly welcome more of your custom and your support that saw us through the first lockdown and the last few months. 

My non-essential business sells hundreds of thousands of cards that keep families and friends in touch, in contact, in love, in memories and in their journey through life together.

My non-essential business supports my staff with numerous mortgages and rents, ten Paper Tiger children (not all mine!), and a variety of cats and dogs.

My non-essential business supports the eco system of businesses around us with our custom, our morning coffee, our lunch breaks and our evenings out.

My non-essential business buys goods and products from hundreds of suppliers. We buy work from illustrators and makers on our doorstep, Scottish makers, UK manufacturers and international designers. Our business is their business, your custom is their income too. 

My non-essential business buys services from local accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers and business professionals. My non-essential business uses local electricians and painters, decorators and other trades to maintain our premises, and make sure we look good.

My non-essential business contributes tens of thousands of pounds a year in VAT, corporation tax, PAYE and National Insurance and pension contributions. My non-essential business has paid millions of pounds to the Treasury.

Our economy is an ecology. When you shop with an independent business you support an eco system. You are part of that eco system. We are not non-essential. But our shops are closed. We are open online. It is essential that I support my team, my suppliers, my service providers, my neighbours, so that on the other side of this Paper Tiger has a functioning eco system.

Please be an ecologist!

Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Home, and shop with us online!