We Love Washi Tape! What is it?! Posted on 11 Oct 10:16

We love washi tape so much that we filled our entire window with it! In fact we love washi tape so much, we filled the windows of both of our shops with hundreds and hundreds of roll of washi, when we celebrated National Stationery Week a couple of years ago: 
Are you familiar with washi tape? Or are you reading this, and forming the question 'what is washi tape?' 

Washi tape is created with Japanese paper-making techniques, giving it a unique texture which is perfect for crafts or journaling. Not only is it biodegradable, waterproof, and heatproof, but it also doesn’t require scissors (ideal for kids!) and leaves no marks when peeled off. Luckily this nifty stuff comes in many colours and designs - we’ve picked out a few of our favourites for you!



MT Washi Tape is the original washi tape, launching their collection in Japan in 2007. There are plenty of MT Tapes to choose from, including fun patterns like this smiling moon lunar cycle tape, this playful solar system tape, or for the bookworms this bookshelf pattern tape. You could also try this eye-catching neon range, or perhaps a funky stripe pattern. Of course, the classic block colour washi tape is a versatile must-have.



If you’d like a coordinating set of tape to get you started on your washi journey, Filofax has created these beautiful washi tape sets. There is a lovely blue tone ‘indigo’ set, a botanical patterned ‘garden’ set, a bright ‘expressions’ set, and a stylish ‘confetti’ set. These are a great way to take your journal and kick it up a notch! 



For kids, the washi tape selection from Edinburgh-based Neon Magpie is perfect! These designs include an ocean-themed tape, a colourful dinosaur tape, a wild jungle animal tape, a bright space-themed tape, and a magical unicorn tape! These bright colours and playful illustration style is ideal for little ones. 

You can take a look at our full range of washi tape right here.