We Love Jellycat Toys Posted on 1 Aug 16:46

We have stocked Jellycat Toysin Paper Tiger ever since their launch in 1999. My eldest daughter is now in her mid twenties, and I remember buying Jellycat plush toys for her when she was a baby. The quality and character of the range was there from the very beginning, and that sense of style and attention to detail is one of the reasons Jellycat has been so successful. I have given Jellycat to countless family members and friends over the years, and Jellycat has been the essential purchases for the tiger cubs that we have added to the Paper Tiger family over the last 25 years or so.

We are now at the point where children who grew up with Jellycat toys are buying the fun toys like the amuseables and the plush food for themselves when they shop for their own children, and the new arrivals of their families and friends. 

Jellycat is not only special due to their brilliant design and high-quality product, but also because of their longtime commitment to ethical production. Their Jellycat Code of Practice and their Jellycat Responsible Sourcing Code of Practice ensures that all points in the supply chain are free from modern slavery and unsafe working conditions. So not only can we love our fluffy friends, we can be confident in their ethical creation!

My favourite animal is, predictably, the majestic tiger - but I simply couldn’t choose between these Jellycat friends! Each range has it’s own unique style - this cuddly fellow is part of the Bashful range - ideal for young children, with friendly faces and classic pear-shaped bodies that are perfect for sitting at tea parties or lounging on the sofa. He is also available in a smaller size (great for car trips!) and a huge size (the best for hugs!). Bashful Tiger is a classic that will always be special to us at Paper Tiger!

A newer addition to the collection is the beautiful Tia Tiger. She has a lovely long tail and extra long fur on her cheeks and chin. Plus, the weighted beans in her make it feel like she is really hugging you back. Tia is also available in a little size, for smaller jungles. Or - if you prefer a snowy landscape, Tia’s sister is Sacha Snow Tiger

You can browse our full Jellycat collection here - I hope you find your own favourites!