You're Worth Your Room On This Earth Posted on 8 May 09:04


This new mural popped up in Leith this week.

Paper Tiger ❤️'s Leith, and I love this mural, so I made sure I managed to grab a peek when I was on my way to visit one of our suppliers.


The text is a lyric from Sunshine On Leith by The Proclaimers. It's a love song, a love song to the place of their birth, an anthem for the fans of Hibernian, and a much loved and much sung tune amongst the wider citizenry of the city. For me, it's a complete spine tingler, and seeing them sing this live a few years ago was amongst the most emotional gigs of my life.


The piece was commissioned by Studio Something who are based closed to the location of the mural, just off Tolbooth Wynd. They explain their inspiration here.


For me, it's a brilliant bit of site specific public art. 


Beautiful design.


Proven sentiment.


Perfectly executed.


Uplifting, genuine art for the people.


I took photos but wanted to clap too. Encore!