About Us

Paper Tiger is the Edinburgh destination for exciting, innovative and distinctive cards. We are dedicated to creating collections of cards which inspire and excite. Cards are used to express personal sentiments and our cards aim to be as distinctive and individual as the people who give them. Alongside cards, we have a fantastic range of beautiful wrapping papers, stationery, gift books and a growing collection of interesting and innovative gifts.


Paper Tiger was founded in the early 1980s as part of the Studio One group of companies, founded by John Johnson in 1966. As well as Studio One, we also have our Studio One Furniture sister stores in Morningside. Paper Tiger trades from its stores in Stafford Street and Lothian Road in Edinburgh, and is the perfect place to find a special card and stylish gift-wrap. The three businesses continue to be run as a family of shops.

Michael Apter is the owner and Managing Director for Paper Tiger and Studio One. David Horn is the owner and Managing Director at Studio One Furniture in Morningside, and John continues to takes an active interest in the business, working with Michael and David to set a high standard in all of our stores.

Paper Tiger
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