Jellycat has appointed Paper Tiger, on a non-exclusive basis, as an approved retailer of Jellycat products. Paper Tiger agrees to resell Jellycat products via those individual physical retail outlets and from its website set out by prior approval to end consumers based in the Territory only. In addition, Paper Tiger will not sell Jellycat products via any third-party platforms and marketplaces including (without limitation) Amazon and eBay, or through any messaging apps including (without limitation) WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Paper Tiger must not supply any replacement conformity certificates relating to any Brand products (or otherwise direct any end consumers to Jellycat in respect of the same).

Paper Tiger shall not sell Jellycat products to any unauthorised wholesalers or retailers. This includes purchases made by individuals or companies who are reselling Jellycat on third party sale sites, or social media marketplaces.

Paper Tiger shall not, until it has been supplied with (and received) sufficient stocks of the relevant Jellycat product, offer any pre-sales of such products to its customers.

Paper Tiger may limit purchase of specific Jellycat items to two per person in order for all customers to enjoy access. On these grounds Paper Tiger reserves the right to refuse sale.

By placing an order for Jellycat products with Paper Tiger, you are confirming that it is not your intention to offer the products for re-sale.

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