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Just had to say that I love this email. What a fantastic piece of writing

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Here's what's been happening these last couple of weeks:

Made For Walking

I have walked more in the last few months than I have ever walked in my life. Walking used to be a means to an end, a destination to be reached by the shortest and fastest route possible. The idea of 'going for a walk' was not one that that......

Fun father's day cards

For the record... Dad's love Dad Jokes, don't they? To celebrate Father's Day this year make sure you give the father figure in your life a really punny Father's Day card. Our selection of cheesy one-liner cards are sure to bring the cringe on the big day. Father's Day simply......

Dads & Dogs

Man's best friend can always be relied upon to share a moment with even the most put upon Dad.  This year will be my first Father's Day with a puppy in the house, and I am expecting that Clementine will be involving herself in the celebrations alongside my array of......

Dad Jokes

We've all heard the very worst Dad jokes, and many of us have been responsible for telling them!  My favourites? Did you hear about the two parrots standing on a perch? One turned to the other and asked "can you smell fish?" Still with me? How about my array of......

First Father's Day

What a year we have all had, especially those families who have added little ones over the past 12 months. Lockdown Babies will be celebrating their first Father's Day on Sunday June 20th, and Paper Tiger has a great collection of cards for New Dads in our Fathers Day Cards......


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