How a modern plastic problem has come to endanger an ancient creature Posted on 18 Jun 17:37 , 0 comments

Ocean plastic pollution is now recognised as a growing threat to all sea life and one which 4Ocean is determined to reverse through the sale of their 4Ocean Bracelets. For every bracelet sold they will pull a pound of plastic from the ocean and coastline as well as partnering with well known marine conservationists to help fund particular marine causes.

Help protect leatherback sea turtles from ocean plastic with 4Ocean Posted on 3 Jun 13:48 , 0 comments

For June there is a limited edition 4Ocean bracelet to help protect sea turtles and their habitats as well as pull a pound of plastic waste from the ocean and coastlines for every bracelet bought. With this bracelet 4Ocean are partnering with Marine biologists at Florida Atlantic University® Marine Research Lab to help fund sea turtle conservation. Every bracelet purchased will also help study and care for leatherback sea turtle hatchlings prior to being released into the wild.

Help protect octopuses and their ocean habitats with 4Ocean Posted on 9 May 16:59 , 0 comments

Every month 4Ocean release a limited edition 4ocean bracelet to raise funds and awareness for that cause as well as pull a pound of plastic from the ocean and coastlines for every bracelet bought. This month the bracelet is dedicated to help protect Octopuses and their habitats with donations going to Ocean Conservancy and their Trash Free Seas program.

Help protect Orcas and their ocean habitat with 4Ocean Posted on 29 Mar 16:41 , 0 comments

4Ocean have so far pulled over four million pounds of trash from the ocean and the coastlines through the sale of their 4Ocean Bracelets. As well as this clean-up they have also help protect the habitat of many marine animals through the release of their range of limited edition bracelets in partnership with many renowned marine animal institutes and societies. This month they have chosen the Orca in partnership with the Orca Conservancy.

Help stop plastic harming any more manta rays with 4Ocean Posted on 18 Feb 14:52 , 0 comments

4Ocean, with the help of the Oceanic Preservation Society, have chosen the Manta Ray as the focus of their limited edition 4Ocean Bracelet. These gentle giants are under threat from the amount of plastic they ingest due to the nature of their feeding habits. This danger is compounded by over commercial fishing as well as net entanglement, bycatch, and illegal poaching.

Show our Oceans some love this Valentine’s Day with 4Ocean Posted on 8 Feb 14:33 , 0 comments

This year give someone special something more than a Valentine’s card and show them you care with a limited edition 4Ocean Bracelet. Every month they release a new bracelet to raise funds and awareness for a particular cause and this February it is the gentle giants of the Ocean the Manta Ray.

What makes us select a Valentine’s card Posted on 25 Jan 16:25 , 0 comments

We stock a wide range of Valentine’s cards every year for Valentine’s Day but it is always the same set of criteria we use to make sure it is always only the best cards that arrive at Paper Tiger.

What to write in a Valentine’s Day card Posted on 21 Jan 15:44 , 0 comments

So after much searching you finally found the perfect Valentines card to give to your loved one this year. But, what to write?

Help save the seals when you purchase a 4Ocean Bracelet Posted on 11 Jan 13:25 , 0 comments

4Ocean is a global campaign to cleanup our oceans and coastlines by pulling a pound of trash every time a 4Ocean Bracelet is bought. The 4Ocean movement is trying to restore the balance of nature in our seas as well as highlighting a monthly cause that will raise awareness and funds for a particular area of environmental concern. This month it is the plight of the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Help save dolphins and porpoises with the limited edition 4Ocean dolphin bracelet Posted on 14 Dec 10:42 , 0 comments

There is an estimated sixteen billion pounds of plastic going into our oceans every year and 4Ocean are funding a clean-up by the sales of their 4Ocean Bracelet. This global movement pulls a pound of trash from our ocean and our coastline each time a bracelet is purchased. Every month they dedicate a limited edition bracelet to an environmental cause and this month it for dolphins and porpoises who are threatened with extinction.
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