A Q&A with Edinburgh Artist Lucy Jones Posted on 21 Sep 12:51

Here at Paper Tiger we have a soft spot for artwork featuring Edinburgh - so it makes sense that we would absolutely love the work of Lucy Jones! These beautiful illustrations of the city’s buildings and streets not only capture the impressive Georgian architecture, but also capture the atmosphere of the city perfectly.

After studying art in London and Norwich, Lucy Jones has made herself at home in Edinburgh's New Town where she creates wonderful cityscapes with her unique mix of materials and techniques. Her work has been featured in exhibitions all over the city, including The Royal Scottish Academy, Patriothall Gallery, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Union Gallery, Sutton Gallery, and Gallery Ten.

First memories of Edinburgh?
I'm from Wales originally and my sister came here to university. Whenever I came to visit her I loved it - how the city had an actual mountain in the middle of it for evening summer picnics (Arthur’s Seat), and that it had so many pretty individual/independent shops and cafes. I moved here for 6 months when I first finished my fine art degree and slept on the floor of my sister's student digs and worked behind the bar at the Pear Tree pub - I mainly remember serving vodka Irn Bru to lots of drunk students!

First memories of Paper Tiger?
Cool little independent stationery and card shop where you could find something different for those hard to find birthday presents.

Favourite places in the city?
The bank behind the duck pond in Inverleith park for a summer evening picnic (I like picnics!), with that great view of the city skyline and all the domes and spires.

What drew you to your current career?
I went to art college when I was 18 and always knew I wanted to do something artistic. I did a few other things including working in galleries and primary school teaching for 6 years, but came back to my art 10 years ago. Besides obviously being creative and loving painting, I love being my own boss.

What inspires your work?
The surrounding beautiful Georgian architecture, and messing about with different materials and coming across happy accidents and new effects.

How do you record your ideas/sketches/designs?
I make quick drawings in sketchbooks and take lots of photographs - I get cold very easily and I don't enjoy people watching me draw outside, so if I'm drawing Edinburgh buildings I do lots of walking about with my camera and then mainly work from photographs back in my studio.

What is your favourite part of your job?
I love that my studio is my own little haven and that I can start and finish work whenever I want, when I feel most productive. I usually start my day with a swim at Glenogle pool and a coffee with a fellow self employed friend, then I usually end up being most creatively productive later in the day, so I'll just keep on working until I'm starving and have to drag myself home for pasta pesto!

What are you working on next?
I'm really busy at the moment as I've got an exhibition with Gallery TEN at the Kimpton Hotel on Charlotte Square in October. I've not got long before I have to get the last pieces to the framer, so I'm working a lot of late evenings. I love having the push and goal of a deadline but always seem to leave things up to the wire. I used to get stressed by it, but now I know it's just how it is and I have to go with the flow!

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