4Ocean and how overfishing is emptying out our oceans Posted on 8 Aug 12:43

4Ocean now have a target of 2 million pounds of trash to be removed from the ocean and the coastlines with their one pound promise from the sale of their 4Ocean Bracelet. This for-profit organisation are able to incentivise fishermen to fish for trash rather than fish and help wth the growing issue of overfishing.

Currently, overfishing is emptying out our oceans with 64% of fish populations in European being overfished. What this means is that we are pulling fish out of the ocean faster than the fish can reproduce. This issue is made more complex by European countries like the UK choosing to ignore scientific data when they are setting annual fish catch limits. Further to this, bad practice like fishing where fish reproduce or a list of bad fishing methods, or simply dumping old nets into the sea, all rapidly reduce fish population. To raise awareness of this, 4Ocean have made overfishing their August campaign cause.

If you would like to support efforts to reduce overfishing in the UK and help clean-up the ocean and the coastlines, then please buy a 4Ocean bracelet: 4Ocean Overfishing Red Bracelet