4Ocean and how they champion a monthly cause Posted on 27 Aug 11:38

4Ocean is a global movement to clean-up the Ocean and the Coastlines by pulling a pound of waste from the water for every 4Ocean bracelet that is sold. This Florida based for-profit organisation pays fishermen to fish for plastic rather than fish which allows for the creation of a better balance in the Ocean, a new economics based on waste, and innovation and advancement in sustainable recycling. In addition to this, 4Ocean raise funds and awareness for a different cause each month.

Each month, they release a special limited edition bracelet dedicated to a particular cause done in partnership with an expert in that field. So far their causes include Polar Bears, Coral Reefs, Earth Day, Breast Cancer, Whales, Sea Turtles, Sharks, Overfishing, Mangroves and Estuaries, Oil Spill Relies, Seabirds and finally Porpoises. In order to aid these causes they have formed a partnership with such companies as SeaLegacy, Polar Bears International, Florida Atlantic University Marine Research Lab, Coral Restoration Foundation, Whale & Dolphin Conservation and Project Aware.

If you would like to support the 4Ocean global movement to remove trash from the ocean and coastlines, then please buy a 4Ocean bracelet: 4Ocean Bracelet