4Ocean have removed their one-millionth pound of trash from the ocean and the coastlines Posted on 19 Jul 17:18

In less then two years the 4Ocean movement has removed one million pounds of trash from the ocean and the coastlines because of their one pound promise with the sale of every 4Ocean Bracelet. For every bracelet bought they remove man-made material that does not belong in the ocean or is causing damage to the coastal environment. For every bracelet that is sold they are able to pay fishermen to collect plastic from the ocean instead of fish. This not only creates a solution to the plastic pollution problem but very importantly raises the issue to a global level.

If you would like promote recycling as a way to deal with the plastic pollution issue, then you can purchase a 4Ocean Bracelet, as every bracelet sold will not only remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastline but will help fund the various campaigns of their monthly environmental causes: 4Ocean Bracelet