4Ocean is helping to save seabirds with its new limited edition yellow 4Ocean Bracelet Posted on 9 Nov 09:53

4Ocean is a global movement on a mission to pull one pound of trash from the ocean and the coastline for every 4Ocean Bracelet purchased. Every month they give a minimum donation of £10,000 to a specific cause as well as help raise global awareness about this issue. This month they have joined forces with BirdLife International to help save seabirds.

Seabirds are a great indicator of the health of our oceans as they rely so heavily on it to survive and an unhealthy ocean makes an unhealthy seabird. Currently, due to a large part to plastic pollution, up to fifty percent of all seabird populations are in decline with from fifteen to twenty two seabird species under threat of extinction. The plastic problem is growing for seabirds to such an extent that by 2050 nearly every seabird on earth will have ingested ocean plastic. This is further compounded by the dangers of entanglement and injury from plastic bags, abandoned fishing equipment, debris and of course the growing issue of bycatch.

If you would like to support the 4Ocean global movement to remove trash from the ocean and coastlines, then please buy a 4Ocean bracelet: 4Ocean Bracelet