Help protect leatherback sea turtles from ocean plastic with 4Ocean Posted on 3 Jun 13:48

For June there is a limited edition 4Ocean bracelet to help protect sea turtles and their habitats as well as pull a pound of plastic waste from the ocean and coastlines for every bracelet bought. With this bracelet 4Ocean are partnering with Marine biologists at Florida Atlantic University® Marine Research Lab to help fund sea turtle conservation. Every bracelet purchased will also help study and care for leatherback sea turtle hatchlings prior to being released into the wild.

The leatherback sea turtle almost exclusively eats jellyfish and can eat up to 900 pounds a day. However, in the poorly light waters of the ocean, plastic can look and taste like jellyfish causing great harm to the sea turtles. This and the illegal harvesting of both sea turtle eggs and mature turtles have caused a rapid decline in populations. As well as plastic ingestion, sea turtles face threats from entanglement, bycatch, rising global temperatures, and rising sea levels.

If you would like to support the 4Ocean global movement to remove trash from the ocean and coastlines, then please buy a 4Ocean bracelet: 4Ocean Bracelet