How a modern plastic problem has come to endanger an ancient creature Posted on 18 Jun 17:37

Ocean plastic pollution is now recognised as a growing threat to all sea life and one which 4Ocean is determined to reverse through the sale of their 4Ocean Bracelets. For every bracelet sold they will pull a pound of plastic from the ocean and coastline as well as partnering with well known marine conservationists to help fund particular marine causes. They have helped protect a range of animals from Orca whales to Polar bears and this month it is the turn of the leatherback sea turtle where the sale of every bracelet will help study and care these amazing ancient creatures.

We can date leatherback sea turtles back to the dinosaurs but now their population is under threat from the modern plastic pollution problem. These graceful sea creatures feed on jellyfish and in their habitat plastic looks extremely like food causing them great harm. This situation is frustrated even further by entanglement with abandoned fishing nets, buoy lines and other equipment that have been dumped in the ocean. This debris can stop the sea turtles from reaching the surface to breathe.

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