The 4Ocean Shark Bracelet and the importance of shark conservation. Posted on 27 Jul 10:29

The 4Ocean Bracelet for July is to try and help save Sharks as currently, there are 73 million sharks killed every year. Most people in the UK do not consider the danger that this poses to the ocean and to our way of life. Everything in nature is interlinked and if the existence of the sharks are threatened then the delicate balance in the ocean is threatened. if sharks are removed from this balance then the whole structure is lightly to collapse. As Graham Buckingham, founder of Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation, put it so well in his TEDx talk, “Don’t worry about seeing a shark – worry about never seeing a shark”.

Globally, the scale of the problem is growing, and if we continue to kill 200,000 sharks a day worldwide, we will damage the balance of life in the Ocean. This is very much a UK issue as there are no European catch limits for sharks caught in Britain, and as a result we rank in the top 25 shark fishing nations in the world.

Sharks more than ever really need our help.

If you would like to show your support for sharks, help support sharks with ProjectAWARE and help clean-up the ocean and the coastlines, then buy a 4Ocean shark bracelet here: 4Ocean Shark Bracelet