what makes a 4Ocean bracelet and what does it mean for our Oceans Posted on 21 Sep 10:19

4Ocean are on a global mission to restore the balance of nature in our oceans by cleaning up plastic and waste from our oceans as well as our coastlines. This movement is funded solely through the sales of their 4Ocean Bracelet which represent a 1lb pound pledge to remove a single pound of trash from our ocean every time a bracelet is purchased. As well as this, they lend support to specific causes every month when they release a limited edition bracelet to support an environmental cause such as sharks, polar bears, sea turtles and the coral reefs.

All of the waterproof 4Ocean bracelets are made from 100% recycled materials. The blue cord in the bracelets, which can come in different colours in the limited edition bracelets, are made from RPET ( recycled polyethylene terephthalate) which is made from recycled water bottles. The beads on a bracelet are produced from glass bottles that have been recycled. There is also a stainless steel charm of the 4Ocean logo that is attached to every bracelet.

Currently, the plastic and glass that goes into making a bracelet is not from those collected in the cleanups. However, the beads and cords used are from recycled plastic and glass bottles. Also, since all the glass and plastic collected on a 4ocean clean-up are recycled it is always possible that a bottle from a clean-up will go into a bracelet.

If you would like to support the 4Ocean global movement to remove trash from the ocean and coastlines, then please buy a 4Ocean bracelet: 4Ocean Bracelet